Summit CE | CRV- 21 Cassette Recorder with AM/FM Radio
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CRV- 21 Cassette Recorder with AM/FM Radio

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This Cassette Recorder with AM/FM radio is perfect to record your most valuable conversation. It detachable belt clip allow for easy transport. Never worry about missing out parts of the conversation or writing things down. Want to get a break from recording and listen to your favorite tunes? Put your Coby earbuds in and turn on the radio and tune in to your favorite station or listen to the ball game. This cassette recorder features simple one-key recording and provides great convenience in class-recording, conference recording, note taking or just a simple conversation. Recording is simple with convenient recording keys. Never miss out on what’s being said with this Cassette Recorder with AM/FM radio.


• Record
• Built-in microphone
• Detachable belt clip


• Requires 2 AA batteries
• Coby earbuds included
• Soft eject button